Satellic News

Satellic News

What will change from 1. July 2020?

The regional governments of Flanders and Brussels have decided to index their tariffs for all vehicles on

which the kilometre charge in Belgium applies.

Moreover, Flanders will introduce an additional adjustment on the base rate and on the weight parameter. You can check the new tariffs on the Viapass Webpage .

New software for Satellic OBUs – Download before 1. July 2020

Please follow below instructions to ensure that all of your Satellic OBUs receive the latest software update:

Keep all of your Satellic OBUs switched on before 1. July, even when you’re not driving in Belgium

Using a specific OBU for the first time?

Keep it SWITCHED ON during at least 1 HOUR

Do you have Spare OBUs?

If you have OBUs which your fleet have not used for MORE THAN 6 MONTHS, we kindly ask you to return them to Satellic. You will have an instant benefit of getting the deposit (135 / OBU) credited to your account). For the OBUs which are inactive for LESS THAN 6 MONTS, keep THEM SWITCHED ON for at least 3 hours.

What happens if your OBU does not receive the update software

update before 1. July 2020?

After 30th June, the update will be automatically downloaded when you switch on your OBU(s).

Your drivers can start to drive once the green light of the OBU is on! If the OBU light turns red (signalling that the OBU is restarting in order to activate the new tariffs), you drivers will have to stop driving and wait until the OBU light turns green again. Your drivers can then continue their journey.

Change now to an EETS On Board Unit from Shell - d id you know that you can pay your Belgium Toll with an EETS OBU from Shell?

Supporting a unique partnership with three leading EETS providers, Shell can offer the best tailored e-tolling solutions to suit every business. Pay your tolls in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium (incl. the Liefkenshoek Tunnel), Germany (incl. Herrentunnel and Warnowtunnel) and part of Poland (A4 between Krakow and Katowice) with an EETS Box from Shell. Contact your Shell Account Manager and ask for your offer.