Toll payment with Shell Card in Russia

Now available: Toll payment with Shell Card in Russia

Toll Payment in Russia is now available for Shell Card customers. Customers can now pay the toll in Russia with their fuel card.

The toll applies to vehicles weighing more than 12 tons on Russian federal highways. The standard rate is 1.9 rubles per kilometre, regardless of the emission class. The fee is exempt from VAT. Payment is made through the purchase of single toll tickets. Tickets can be purchased at Platon service stations, at all toll terminals as well as via the Platon online portal. Tickets are valid for a set route and are valid for seven days from purchase. All payments of the Russian toll appear as usual in the Shell Card invoice. Please note: Tickets can be paid directly at service stations with the Shell Card. At the toll terminal, a simple company registration (indication of customer data) is required, which takes place on the device itself. In the Platon online portal, the Shell Card is not yet available as a payment option and we are working on changing this.

Do you have more questions about tolls and billing via the Shell Card? Contact our road services specialist for more information (