Herrentunnel Fee Payment Now Added to the ITR+ OBU

Customers currently paying tolls via the InterRoute+ on-board unit (OBU) can now use the OBU to pay the fee for the Herrentunnel, located in Germany. The tunnel is situated in the north of the city of Lübeck and is directly connected to Travemünde and to the A1 and to the A226 in the direction of Hamburg and Kiel. The route through the tunnel is considerably shorter than the alternative route and thus significantly faster for your drivers.

Via a mass upload, all boxes currently in use will be activated to make this payment. Fees for this tunnel charge will be listed within your usual Shell Card invoice.

Please note: The billing via the ITR+ box runs automatically. If you have an active ITR + box, but do not want to pay the fee for the Herrentunnel using your OBU, please contact our customer service centre on 0800 731 3131.

You can find out which fees apply to the tunnel on the Herrentunnel website .

Do you have further questions about tolls and billing via the Shell Card? Contact our customer service centre now at:

General queries: 0800 731 31 31 

New Customer:  uk-cards-sales-support-3@shell.com

Existing Customers:  generalcardrequests-uk@shell.com